Dobot Arduino Controll



Everyone and the Support Team!

I try to make a 6DOF Dobot!

For this is have some Problems with the Arduino - Dobot Control.
I use the Arduino DobotDemo from here:

Almost it works fine… but there a some important questions:

  1. How i can program the “Home Positions”? How the script look like and at which position he will come in the Arduino Sketch?

  2. How i can change the Speed for the Dobot? I like to speed up one way and the next must be slow.
    The same - how it will look like and where it must be?

  3. How i can make a delay between some ways? I make a “delay(2000);” at almost all positions in the script and the Dobot is not interesting in my delay. He will move his way without to stop!!

  4. I have a Button. If i push the Button the Dobot must do his job. Ok this works. But there is also a problem. If i push the button it takes 5-8 seconds if the Dobot begins to work. WHY???

4.b I have add some extra servos. Also no problem. But with the delay of 5-8 seconds of the Dobot it not working in time. I push the Button, instantly the Servo move and then 5-8 seconds later the Dobot starts.
So back to Point 4: Why the Dobot takes so long to react?

If you have some ideas to help me - it will be great.

Here is my Arduino 6DOF Demo:

Thanx for all your HELP!!!



Functions like: wait, change speed, home, calibrate etc. can be found in documentations, f.e:

About your button- this button is in Arduino? Did you check the communication? Maybe arduino make a delay.


Im Reiza from Indonesia and I need some explanation about how to get a real time pose of dobot using arduino. I have been tried the protocol from the dobot to get the real time pose in my arduino and I dont really understand. In serial monitor of arduino, the params’s value of RX is changed when the dobot moves but the value that printed not perform as coordinate or joint values. Please help me, because I used Dobot for my last project on my college

thank you


I am currently experiencing difficulty connecting the Dobot’s API to the Dobot Demo (as I need to change speed, get pose and home for a project).Please respond to me or reach out if you have beeen able to do so. I would GREATLY appreciate it.

My current way of doing this is adding this to this to the DobotDemo sketch:
#include “DobotDll.cpp”
#include “dobotdll_global.h”

However this sends me on a wild goose chase of adding files until I recieve the error message:
Arduino: 1.8.9 (Windows 10), Board: “Arduino/Genuino Mega or Mega 2560, ATmega2560 (Mega 2560)”
In file included from sketch\CDobot.h:4:0,
from sketch\DobotDll.cpp:3,
from C:\Users\KEVONFRI\Downloads\DobotDemoV2.0\DobotDemoV2.0\DobotDemoForArduino\DobotDemo\DobotDemo.ino:24:

sketch\CDobotConnector.h:4:19: fatal error: QObject: No such file or directory
compilation terminated.

exit status 1

Stuck in this loop please advise


I’m Philio, I chose Dobot to pick and place controlling using Arduino as my final project. I had a problem when executing the Home Position command. When executing the home position command, exactly after Dobot make a “beep” sound, sometimes Dobot move a bit at X axis or at Joint 1. Is there anything wrong with my program? Here is my code :

String dataIn;

void setup()

void loop() {
if (Serial.available())
dataIn = “”;
dataIn = Serial.readStringUntil(’\n’);

if (dataIn == “home”){

Thank You…


Valve should be 255

You are using Arduino direct control right ?


Yes, I’m used arduino direct control. I think 265 is used for X coordinate parameter for home position. I figured it out later the movement after “beep” sound is because another controller from joystick library. Thank you