Determine high of a stack


we use an CR10 for loading sheet metal. Currently we are manually learning the maximum height of the stack and overriding the suction point. In our program we offset the point after each part by the thickness of the sheet metal.

We want to determine the height of a stacked item using a sensor, which is located on the vacuum gripper, and then tell the DOBOT at what height it can pick up the parts. Which command can be used for this?

Thanks in advanced


You can send the data detected by the sensor to the robot in some way, and then offset "Z“ with the RP command


The sensor cannot measure altitude. If it hits the sheet metal, it only switches a signal high. As soon as the sensor reports high, the robot should stop. So the robot has to save its position. This is the starting height of the stack.


I haven’t come up with any good ideas about this scheme. Could you please send your questions to for answers