Custom Suction Cup Sizes?


Hi there. We are considering buying a Dobot Magician for manipulation of many different kinds of plant seeds.

For this application, probably the existing suction cup is too large.

Are there ways to attach different-size suction cup ends (maybe those produced by different manufacturers)?
I can’t find any documentation on end-effectors.

The other option would be smaller gripper sizes - again, are there ways to swap these out?
Any help appreciated.


Hello Rob1,

I was having so much difficulty finding info about the vacuum suction cup for the dobot Magician. Nowhere is there specs or detailed measurements or even a name for fittings or size cup. I unscrewed the vacuum fitting off and took the suction cup off and took my own rough measurements. Attached is an image showing my rough measurements I am still trying to figure out what size fitting is needed or if there is a type that I can look up. I hope this helps.

A: Yes you can attach your own smaller suction cups you just need to make sure they mate with the metal fitting supplied with the dobot.



David wow amazing, thank you for the spec.

I wonder if you are interested in working on a paid project with us to get a simple seeding mechanism and movement program working with the Dobot (maybe using some of the needles used by the FarmBot project?) Could be fun. Can you let me know? I’m at rob //// at ////