CR5 python api real time data exchange


“GetDataExchange” method in SDK 1.4.1 python demo dose not update in real time. You can try open dobot studio and run the demo script side by side. When changing the joint position in studio, the data read in python is not changing at all


Hi Sean, I believe that my colleague replied you in another topic in Chinese(CR5 python实时数据交换), but still I’m gonna translate the content here in this post so that everyone else who doesn’t understand Chinese can know the answer:

The robot information will only be read every time you run the API motion command. So when the command is not running, the data which uses DataExchange will not be updated, which means that SDK doesn’t support robot data real-time feedback. However, we do have the latest TCP/IP remote controlling solution which supports real time robot data feedback. Contact us via to get in touch with us if you need.


Thanks for answering it.


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