Coordination after DobotM1 Homing


I am working with the DobotM1 in our automation-setup and have mounted Gripper as a forearm-end. I used to perform homing procedure to recover miss-steps of the motor-drive after collision occurred.

After each homing procedure, the Dobot set the coordinates to (400,0,230,0). But in reality, Joint4 always rotate about 45° at the end position (400,0,230,0). I mean if I do homing and after homing procedure I mount and aligned the Gripper straight with the Dobot’s arm, and if I do again homing, the result coordinates set to (400,0,230,0) and in real the Joint4 not set to 0° and the Gripper is not straight with forearm any more.

Each and every time I have to remount the gripper back to aligned straight with the Dobot’s arm in order to run Dobot with predefined positions. I have called the API - SetHOMECmd() but it did not work and the Dobot only set the defined position to (400,0,230,0). How can I correct the homing position for the Joint4 axis?