Controlling Magician with arduino mega over serial


Hello, I’ve been trying to control my magician using an arduino mega2560 over serial but haven’t been successful yet. I have been using the DobotDemoV2 arduino code, a Dobot Magician V2 TX/RX/GND pins hooked up to the RX1/TX1/GND of the arduino. I have also tried the Arduino Skill Kit Demo v2.0 code as well. Either way when i monitor the serial port (USB) from the arduinoIDE, I am always getting, unable to read, errors. So it seems that the magician is not communicating over serial.

So I don’t know if i’m missing something with the V2 magician to get it to listen to serial commands. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


I think you should reinstall the arduinoIDE, maybe you missed the driver when you installed it.


I ended up figuring it out. most serial connections like this at connected from TX->RX and RX->TX, but for this dobot connection it seems like TX->TX and RX->RX did the trick.