Control Stepper 1 from C#


We want to run an external stepper motor from the Stepper 1 connector in the Dobot Magician’s base.

The document “Dobot-Magician-API-DescriptionV1.2.3” seems to suggest we need to call “SetEMotor” and “SetEMotorS”. Neither of these methods appear to be available within the C# API (or defined in the DobotDll.cs file).
Could any one assist in how to control steppers on the Stepper 1 or Stepper 2 ports please?

One other query - what type of 4 pin connectors are required to pklug in to teh Stepper 1 and Stepper 2 ports?

Thanks in advance.



I’ve heard nothing on this and this post has been up over a week. I have also emailed the Dobot support address and heard nothing. The reason I purchased the unit was because it was said to be expandable. Could Dobot please advise on this?