Control multi dobot


i need to control multi dobot with only one computer at the same time. I’m studyng your api but seems not support multi dobot it’s true? can you help me?


I think you can send data to two dobot arms at the same time using communication protocol through serial port, so it will be multi control, right?


ok thank you i’m tryng to communicate with serial.
i can connect to dobot but you can explain me one serial command like this :

Figure 8 The instruction packet of SetDeviceName
Header Len
rw isQueued
0xAA 0xAA 2+0 1 0 0 Empty

can you write me an example use of this command in c++


You can refer to the MFC demo or arduino demo on our official website, they are based on communication protocal:


i’m quite shure that mfc demo is based on your sdk and not on communication protocol. can you post me the peace of code
that you refer?


Hi viniciolindo,

We have work a lot on the API, and the latest API that supports controlling multi Dobots will be released next week!


AA AA 13 54 11 05 00 00 00 00 16 80 00 00 16 80 00 00 00 00 00 00 6A

For example you can send the setptp command (decimal 84, hex 54) to dobot as above. When calculating checksum, ignore very first three items(AA AA 13) and sum rest of them and subtract from 100. you get 6A.


The fact about the part where it will be having the part that has the most of the part which will have the [porcess for the control multi dobot where the setup command for it through Microsoft support chat will manage the process.