Connection problems with the latest software (D-Studio)


Hello there.

It seems there is some kind of a bug within the latest Dobot-Studio software (V1.6.10).
As i read some people have connection problems right after starting the software.
For me, my Dobot disconnects itself right after i did the home function and the dobot got into the home position. As soon as the Dobot reaches the home position and does the confirmation peep i loose connection.

I can reconnect right after that but it happens again and again.
Since already other people also run into this problem i believe there is a problem within the latest software version.

Hope Dobot sees this and try to fix it. If not ill hit up the technical support in some days.



edit: well, it seems like as this just fixed itself. after some more retries and a programm restart im facing no connection errors anymore.
I hope everybody else with this problem also finds his solution.


I have a similar issue, but mine may be hardware specific. I have some older laptops that are working with the new software but I also have some laptops that were purchased this year and they will not stay connected. I’m wondering if there is a service that needs to be running that is failing?


i just checked the running tasks and services but it seems there is no such thing.
as i said, my problem somehow fixed itself after 2-3 restarts.
also, i had no problem with the first connection between the dobot and the software. only a strange disconnect after the homing command.


we are having a similar issue but its comes up with a “serial port has been occupied” message after it tries to connect.


First check if other software occupies the serial port, or use mcuisp to re-flash the firmware (the path is as follows).

Select the serial port and firmware, then start. (The firmware file path is as follows)



Hi. I have the same “serial port has been occupied” error message when I try to connect. I tried to follow the above instructions however the only Mcuisp file I can find is not .exe. I am completely new to this so plain english is best for me please. Thanks heaps in advance.