Connecting to Dobot Magician with Repetier Server


I have got a “Dobot Magician” Robot, and used the instruction on how to set it up with Repetier Host. This works fine. Now I want to establish a similar connection with Repetier-Server. I did find most of the Settings from Repetier Host in the Server as well, but not all of them.
Repetier-Server is sort of able to identify the Dobot Magician as a printer, however when I try to move the Robot from the Server UI nothing happens and from looking at the logs it seems like the Magician doesn’t understand the commands.
Can anybody help me with this?
The ultimate goal is to run the server on a Raspberry PI and automate the server ( hence the 3D printer) with a python script.
Thanks in advance
I have also made a post about the same topic on the repetier forum so to avoid confusion I am gonna link it here: