Connecting M1 through python


Hi, I’ve set up the M1 to operate using a separate python script. I am having issues with using the HOME functions in my script. Can anyone help me with homing the dobot without using M1 Studio. Or is there a way to see what I should pass into SetHOMECmd() in order to use the command in python


There is no need to use the HOME command, but if you want to use the offline function without using m1studio, I can recommend it to you.You need a db62 expansion board, connected to the chassis of m1, like this.

After triggering in11, other signals can be used. Including reset signal, stop signal, start signal, etc.

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I do need the HOME CMD, the robot must go home in order to reliably execute my script. I don’t need to connect offline using the expansion board since its already connected using my python script. How do I execute the SetHOMECmd(), when I try the robot throws an error and needs rebooting.


i have the same Problem with C#. I have found out, that the SetHOMECmd() command only set the current pose as coordinates 400,0,0,0. The Robot does not move or something else. I think it’s an failure in the Dll. The function is defined in the DobotDllM1.dll, but it doesn’t work correct.

@chris (same name lol) have you found a solution?


Hello, would anybody be so kind to post a working python script on how to connect to Dobot M1 and to perform basic moves. I just received my brand new Dobot M1 and I am struggling with it. I was working before with Dobot magician.

I would also need all the dll’s and *.py scripts that I have to import.

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