Concurrent connection


It it possible to have a concurrent connection: connecting at the same time with DobotStudio and a c program using the dobot dll?


what do you want to do with c and dobotstudio ? could you tell me more details ?


I plan to connect a simulated dobot that follow the real robot position read from the dobot while driving the robot from Dobot Studio. It means that the robot have to answer at the same time to 2 clients (Dobot Studio and my app).


you can refer to API from our website


Great, thanks a lot :slight_smile:


I’m confused, I can’t call this API while DobotStudio is already connected to the Dobot? Right?


That’s normal,one dobot cannot connect two software in the same time. In this case , I can’t understand why are you must use dobotstudio while your app connected.


I want to have both real dobot and simulated dobot working at the same time. Simulated robot will replicate the real robot positions.


what’s the simulate dobot want to do? could you add the 'getpose()'API to the simulated dobot?


The concept is to use dobotstudio to be connected to the real dobot and at the same time animated the simulation which need to know the positions of the real dobot in realtime