Coding the Dobot for Offline mode / PLC


Hy guys!

I’m student in electronics working on Dobot Magician. I want to control the Dobot with a PLC through a USB communication. I saw the DEMO on PLC, but it uses Teach&Playbacka. But the idea is to send datum to Dobot and it will the Dobot controller will move according in offline.
After reading the Dobot ducument, I have still a question :

The documentation mentionned offline only works for Teach & Playback. But, do the offline mode works with a script (Python or C) transfered in the Dobot?
If yes, how to transfer it from Dobotstudio?


I also looked for a way to control the dobot using only a PLC. As far as I can tell, offline only works with Teach and Playback. I have not been able to find a way to send programs written in Python or Blockly to the Dobot Magician to run without a computer connected.