CNC and Laser Software


Are you working on a new software for running the CNC and The Laser? I have a snapmaker at work and their software is 100times better and you can control many things while the one that comes with the Mooz is so low end and can not accomplish anything; IT TAKES FOR EVER TO DO SOMETHING



I have the same problem, but with thirt party software I was able solve some of my problems.

Cura for 3D printer
FlatCam for PCB on CNC

the only problem I have now, is the level for cnc bed for pcb, because PCB needs 0.1 mm of level and the mooz 2 donĀ“t offer level function on CNC.

I committed an error buying Dobot Mooz Printer instead Sanpmaker Printer, beacuse Snapmaker have better software. Maybe these days I will test if Snapmaker software is compatible with Dobot Mooz 2