Class or Functions of Script - M1 Studio


Dear Support Engineer/ Users of the forum,

I understand that we need to call for different “class” such as “math”, “logic”, etc while using the script module.

Can I know whether there is documentation covering how to write the script in the “script” module?

How do you know which class or function to be called? - Is there are a sequential steps of writing the code?

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There is a sample script in the M1studio installation directory, and then you can refer to the API. Always pay attention to the python format. thanks!
M1Studio\config\ststore Example.script


Dear Support Engineer,

Thanks for your reply!

The Example Script does work.

However, I was wondering whether the sample script in Dobot API will work? - Is the script in Dobot API C++ based? and it won’t work in the “script” module of M1 Studio as it is Python based?

Kindly let me know.

Also, my original question was related to the importing of “math”, “logic” class in the “script” module and whether you have got any documentation on how to write the script?

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I feel very sorry, we are working on related documentation and demos. The follow-up will be placed on our official website for the first time.
Thank you and greetings