Cannot connect to Dobot Magician


I have a new Magician and was able to set it up with a PC. I then connected the UCB Host for joystick control (accidentally without turning off the Dobot) and I cannot now get a serial connection on either my PC or Mac.

I can use the USB host, but that’s it. Is there any way to reset the serial connection or is there something else I can try?



Is the problem solved now?


Hello I Have the same Issus since i tried to connect my dobot magician via wifi.
At first my dobot magician was at the device manager, i tried to reinstall all drivers, now it doesn’t show up in the device manager. Do you have any advice?


First make sure that there is no problem with the connection between magician and pc, and then ensure that the driver is not installed properly (recommended to reinstall dobotstudio, after the installation is complete, you will be prompted to install the driver)


Thanks for prompt answer,
I already tried that, also tried to install dobot studio on another PC and connect the Dobot there. Same Issue.
The Dobot’s LED turnes green and it moves when i press the key button, but i get no connection via USB.
I also tried to use another cable.