Can Dobot wait signal from probe and then move?


Hello, we want to buy Dobot magician for our research laboratory. The task: the robot holds the measuring sensor and when the signal of readiness of data comes from the measurement sensor , Dobot moves a hand in the next position, then Dobot waits again a signal from measurement sensor and then movesa hand again. And so on…
Is it possible ?
Which software can we use to program thousands of measurement positions of Dobot’s arm ?
At which connector should we send ‘data ready’ signal from our sensor ?

Andrew Solovev


You might use the EIO function of dobot here:

And better to use it along with Blockly:


Sorry, I am a beginner. How to connect EIO? I mean, which connectors on the back of Dobot Magician?
For example, PLC to send an output (say 12 Volt DC sourcing output) by two wires. Where to connect to Dobot Magician in order to trigger Dobot?


Check those pins here:


Thanks, Eric.
I successfully use EIO 19/GND to give a 3V DC input to trigger gripper with Blockly.

Ha! Ha! I didn’t recognize those EIOs are the pins on the arm and base a few days ago.
If the tutorial simply gives an small hand-on example on chapter 4.3, that will be perfect for me beginner.

EIOs don’t have “level input” for 5V and 12V DC input, and I do have 5V and 12V signals from other devices’ outputs. That will need a few efforts! Cool! I like this Robot.