Breaking news! New Dobot Robotic Arm - Dobot M1 Launches on Kickstarter! From $999


Hi, everyone,

Thanks for your long-term support to Dobot. After 2-year D&R, based on the Dobot 1.0 and Magician, we launched Dobot M1 on Kickstarter with higher precision and stability. What we need is your advises and feedbacks about it before it goes to market.

Dobot M1 is different
Unlike Dobot 1.0, Dobot M1 is designed for a different group of people, who need a more powerful, professional robotic arm that’s affordable, something in between a toy-like model and a high end industrial one. It’s new, no one’s made this product before. And since we enjoy talking to the brilliant minds on Kickstarter, we decided to launch the project here and let you keep talking about it.

Why Again
We’ve launched a campaign on Dobot 1.0 last year, and we heard a lot of voices from backers, which is a great way to understand users, and know how to make a better product needed by people. Once again, we’ve found something new and excited to accomplish, and we’re hoping that Kickstarter could tell us if we’re on the right track.


New Features
Saving for the all features in Dobot 1.0 and Magician, Dobot M1 contains new features:

  1. Computer vision - which can scan different shapes and colors to help picking and placing objects, highly helpful for light manufacturing.
  2. Mobility - combined with 1.2 long-rail and mobility platform, no matter 3d printing or laser engraver, there is no space limitation
  3. Dual-color 3d printing and soldering
  4. Enhance the precision from 0.2mm to 0.02mm

In the spirit of bringing industrial robotic arm to everyone’s daily life, our price is definitely affordable compared with traditional industrial robot like ABB or FANUC.
Price starts from $999, don’t hesitate to get it today:

Let me know if you have any further questions and welcome to post below to learn more.