Blocky offline performance


I’m just a beginner with Dobot ,
have write myself a program in teach&playback mode but due to some limits of it and a lt of lines ( ab 100) i would like to skip to blocky now.

But, is this possible to use this functionality in offline mode ?.
Or just to cleryfiy : I need a behavior that after turning on I do not need to connect PC, just the logic from blocky starts to work ( with homing in the beginning) . Just as it is with teach&playback and downloading to dobot.

On the other hand, if that will now work. Can I control the outputs on teach&playback mode ?
Although I see there that option in PRO mode, it seem to be not alive.

thank you in advance


First of all, only playback can work offline, blockly can not be offline. You can add IOinput to the game to make judgments and implement simple logic control. The playback IO is also available, please refer to the pin definition in user_guide.