Blockly script with digital input signal for offline use


Hello all,

I have made a simple script for testing offline and I can start and stop it with the external buttons.

Only after start the script stays in a loop and I want to start my script with a digital input.

Das someone already made a script for this?

Thank you in advance


I´m testing the offline mode with Digital inputs to activate a function and it´s not working. If you find a solution please let me know. Thaks.



I have it working but I think there is a bug in the dobot software.

When I start my offline script with a digital input, it looks at my other 2 input sensors but when 1 sensor input is not there the Dobot will stop and that point but when the signal is there later it will not continue?

Even when I start my script again it still stops at sensor 2 but it should be continue because the signal is there?

Only when I press the external Red stop button to go out offline mode and press the Green start button to go in offline mode and start the script again it goes further than sensor 2?