Astroprint support


I would like to use my Mooz with Astroprint on a Raspberry pi. But Astroprint won’t connect to the printer. I think it’s because a special driver is needed. Is there a workaround? Or a possibility to add support for Astroprint?

Update: I’ve just found a workaround: if you install Octoprint on your Raspberry Pi with the Astroprint plugin, you can use Astroprint. Works perfectly.


@pieterbeulens Do you know if the Astrobox Touch works with Mooz?


Really - I use octoprint and the serial command set that mooz reports back to Octoprint (and others like pronterface, slic3r, cura) have some pretty severe bugs due to unimplemented/old and undocumented ‘@’ keywords used in the mooz firmware.
Be careful - driving from serial can easily lead to the Z diving through the heatbed, and motors/fans etc running all the time.


Thanks for the feedback!


I don’t know. I installed Octoprint and can use the Astroprint plugin, and that’s enough for me, so haven’t tested any further.