Arm misalignment after replacing battery


I have performed the battery replacement per 7.3.1 in the User Manual.
After replacing the battery I ran the Home routine to calibrate the robot.
The J2 axis aligns the two arm segments correctly.
But the J1 axis is no longer well aligned with the main column of the M1.
It looks like about 2.5 degrees to the left of center. In other words, if I manually jog J1 to about 2.5 degrees then the first arm segment aligns with the main column.

How can I adjust the homing position of the J1 axis?


I built a fixture plate that has stations mounted to it in defined locations. I will not be able to position to the stations accurately if the home function is not correct.


Please refer to the operation below.

Step 1
Enter the Initialization folder under the M1studio installation directory (the address is as follows)

Step 2
Double-click to enter the Initialization software interface. After the IP address or Com port appears, click Connect.

Step 3
Switch to the “Debug” interface and click “Reset Encoder 1 to 4” in turn (the interval between each click is 2s). Then close and restart.

Step 4
After restarting, continue to connect the robot arm in the Initialization software; click the image button on the Calibration interface, the button changes toimage , and the robot arm will move downward at this time.
When the robot arm is lowered to the bottom, move the robot arm by hand to align the midline of each arm of the robotic arm, as shown in the figure below.
image image

Step 5
Back in the Initialization software, click the image button on the Calibration interface, the button changes to image and the motor is enabled.

Step 6
Back in the Debug interface, click InitPos. The upper right corner coordinate becomes (400, 0, 0, 0), and the encoder reset is completed at this time.
image image

Step 7
The robot arm will still give an alarm (at this time, the negative movement of the joint 3 reaches the limit area). Just click J3 + on the operation panel and raise the z axis to a certain height to release the alarm.



Thank you, I was able to follow the instructions and the X-Y coordinates now seem more accurate.

How does this change the Z-axis calibration?
Should the arm be at the hard stop at the bottom of the range of motion during this approach?
Is there a limit sensor at the bottom of the range of motion or is it a software fault detection based on the z-encoder value?