Arduino demo error 'Dobot_SetPTPCmdEx' was not declared in this scope


When I compile the Magician.ino file in AIStarter-Demo on the DOBOT official website, I get the error “Dobot_SetPTPCmdEx was not declared in this scope” as shown in the figure below.

Magician.ino file path: AIStarter-Demo->AIStarter->examples->MagicianCooperation->Magician->Magician.ino

The reason for causing this problem is that different versions of the AI-Starter Demo program are used. In the old version of the program, each instruction has Ex. The new version of the program released later does not have Ex, and has different definitions in the header file. When the “SetPTPCmdEx was not declared in this scope” error message appears when compiling a program with Ex, you can add the new library files in the attachment and then compile the program again by removing the Ex of each instruction.

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