Any guide for Vision Kit + CR5(DobotSCStudio)?


Hello is there any guide/tutorial document or video for connecting Vision Kit with CR5? i connect CR5 to dobotSCStudio. Are there also alternative to DobotSCStudio?


In fact, the use of Vision Kit and CR is consistent with that of MG400.
All data are exchanged through TCP/IP, and the camera software sends coordinates to the robot, which processes the coordinates. The only difference is that cr is a six-axis robot and Rx, Ry and Rz need to remain constant during calibration and actual movement.


so the script used with MG400 should working with CR5, maybe add additional axis Rx,Ry and Rz?


yes´╝îI usually set Rx,Ry,Rz to be perpendicular to the ground