3D printing with Magician and Linear Rail


I currently have a brand new DoBot Magician and a Linear Rail add on that I am able to play with at Uni for the next few weeks.
I have got them running in the current version of DoBot Studio and they do all the different tasks through DoBot studio just like it says in the manual.
What I would like to do is to update the configuration of the 3D printer to allow the use of the Magician combined with the Linear Rail as a 3D printer. Looking into this it seems all that is needed is an updated RepetierFirmware to load onto the DoBot itself. The update would include a new kinematics model to convert the X, Y and Z data to the J2, J3 and L values required to run the combined hardware.
Having looked at the way the DoBot is built, I note that the controller contains both a microcontroller and a FPGA to control the various parts of the DoBot. If my understanding is correct, the FPGA controls J1, J2, J3 and J4 (when installed) while the GPIO for the L axis is controlled from the microcontroller. Also, I cannot find the configuration or firmware files anywhere in the DoBot software for the 3D printing configuration.
Can you please help me out and let me know how I would be able to write a new device driver for either the current Repetier v1.0 software, or the upcoming Repetier v2.0 software.
All I need is a description of the pinouts of the various chips on the controller so I can write the new Hardware Abstraction Layer.


hi did you man age to achieve this ? i am also stuck here !