3D printing finish abnormally


Yesterday my Dobot Mooz-2 arrived, and I tried to print Dorus and Vase sample povided from Dobot download, but both case after long printing (about 30~40% printing) it’s finish printing abnormally.
What’s problem ?
Small size under 1 hour no problem, but big size stop after 1 or two hours printing with out complete.
Please help me.


Hmmm…tough one. First thing that comes to my mind is that the filament is getting hung up on the axle and not feeding forward anymore, maybe? I’ve had that a few times, which is why I made this to help guide it straight up off the spool, instead of at an angle, towards the printer.

It’s also better on a full-size spool of filament, rather than the small sample one they send, which is a little smaller. Do you have another spool, like a full-size 1Kg one?

Can you describe “abnormally”? What happens?