3D printer failing to heat up for filament


I have installed the Dobot Mooz according to the user guide but the extruder for the 3D printer seems to not function as it should be. When I plug it in it heats up (way past the 200 heat temp) but then when I try to heat to get to load the filtament is starts to cool down to the point I can’t load it and the interface is unresponsive when I try to request to reheat it. Please help!

Also my power cord is really rubbish as my Mooz keeps shutting off if it’s moved very slightly.


When you press the “Extrude Down” button, does it show you the X Y Z coordinates of the print head?
Mine started doing that recently, and I’m still waiting to hear back from them. I know they were closed until tomorrow for Chinese New Year, but hoping they’ll start responding again.


No I don’t see that when you press the button down