3D Model of Dobot Magician with Tools (STEP & STL)


Hello there.
Since many users were asking for the 3D Model of the Dobot Magician or the Tools, ill upload them again. I know that there is already a thread with this theme. But since the support got a bit inactive around there i wanted to post the files again.
Also many users wanted to get the files by email although the files were posted already as downloadble files.

Besides that i converted all files into STL files as well as i needed them for my own 3D models.
The 3D models of some tools too.

I also made a folder with all parts separated. As i needed some smaller parts as standalones i took the time and converted all parts as single parts. 1 hour full of fun… :sweat_smile:

That folder can be found here: “3. Dobot Magician (as STL files)” -> “All separate parts”

The original files as STEP files came from @Variobotic
Can be found here: https://www.dobot.de/dobot-support/
(by the way, these guys also made the 3D models for the cableclips that can be 3D printed, also included in the STEP and STL files)

Hope i could help.

Dobot magician CAD file