2 Dobot Magician moves diffirently with the same playback


I used a Dobot Magician to create the playback. Then I run that playback on another Dobot Magician with the same Dobot Studio on the a PC, however, 2 Dobots moved really diffirently.
Could anyone tell me how to set up before running the playback to have the same movement on both of Dobots?
I really appreciate your help.


It is recommended that you update the firmware so that the two machines have the same firmware.


Actually, our Dobot Magicians already were burned the same firmware Dobot-v3.6.12, then connected in Dobot Studio. However, with the same Home coordinate, 2 Dobots are at 2 diffirent direction that are perpendicular to each other.


Do you have only two machines, and there is a third one for comparison? I guess that one of you is faulty, you can send a video with a description and send an email to support@dobot.cc